Download Pirate Empire for PC (Windows & Mac)

Want to rule the waters of the world and put your name on seven oceans waves by sailing through them. Pirate Empire displays that very idea in the world of gaming. If you like pirate movies and fall for its glorious characters than you would love this one. With Pirate Empire  to play on your androids and ios you can experience being a leader pirate, leading a ship onto the shores of the world and battling your enemies.


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The game is specially designed with some amazing 3D graphics and sound effects which make it a worth playing game . The game synopsis is very exciting and thrilling and will addict you to its roots the moment you start playing Pirate Empire Lets take a look on its interesting plot and gameplay.

You will be leading a crew of some infamous pirates of the world and will lead an expedition of ruling the world, waters by beating your enemies who wish to claim the same throne of a world,s most famous pirate. There will be certain hurdles in your way in the form of other ships and they will try to engage you in a furious battles of the ships causing you maximum damage. It will be your job to defend your men and your ship and also attack your enemies with everything you got.

So get ready to enjoy some amazing features associated with Pirate Empire like

Assembling your crew

Designing your ship and customize it after every battle

Fight in naval battles

Now with PC version of the game also available as Pirate Empire for PC you can experience all these features on your big screen. Besides with Pirate Empire for PC you can enjoy some extraordinary graphics and cutting edge sound effects on your windows. So just follow the given instructions below to get ready to rule the oceans of the world.

Download Pirate Empire for PC:

To download Pirate Empire for PC, you will need an Android emulator like Bluestacks. If you do not have it already, you can download it from the website Search for Pirate Empire using the Bluestacks search tool and click on the install button to automatically download and install the game. Once the game has been installed, go to My Apps in Bluestacks homepage to open Pirate Empire for PC.

Required Downloads & Installations

Method 1: Install Pirate Empire for PC or MAC Using Google Play Store On Bluestacks

  1. Install Bluestacks on your Windows PC or MAC.
  2. Open Bluestacks now.
  3. Setup Google Play Store using your gmail address. You may use a gmail address if you have an existing one, otherwise you can also create a new gmail address using the on-screen instructions while setting up Google Play Store in Bluestacks.
  4. Search Pirate Empire after openning the PlayStore.
  5. Install the game now.
  6. Click on “My Apps” in Bluestacks now. You will find Pirate Empire in your apps.
  7. Click on Pirate Empire now.
  8. The game will open up. Use the keyboard arrow keys + space key to play the game, or simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 2: Install Pirate Empire for PC or MAC Using Pirate Empire APK On Blustacks

  1. Make sure that Bluestacks is installed on your PC.
  2. Download Pirate Empire APK from the link attached above.
  3. Now double click the downloaded Pirate Empire APK.
  4. The APK will start getting installed via Bluestacks.
  5. When the installation of Pirate Empire is complete open Bluestacks.
  6. Find Pirate Empire by opening “My Apps” now.
  7. Click the game and follow on-screen instructions to play it.

Method 3: Install Pirate Empire for PC or MAC Using Andy OS

  1. Download latest version of Andy OS on your Windows PC or MAC using the link attached above.
  2. Make sure that you’ve properly installed Andy OS.
  3. If you’re using it for the first time, Andy will ask you for the account setup. Follow on-screen instructions to setup your gmail in Andy.
  4. Once done, unlock the screen in Andy and open apps.
  5. Look for Pirate Empire in Google Play Store.
  6. Install the game now. Once done, locate the game in your applications. It should be “Uncategorized” tab.
  7. Open the game now, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.

If any of the above methods is not working, you can install Pirate Empire for PC or MAC using Archon

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