Download Angry Birds Friends for PC (Mac and Windows)

Angry Birds Friends for Android and iOS is now available for PC as well. If you have not played this game before, here is an overview of what the game is about before we move on to the method to download Angry Birds Friends for PC.

Angry Birds Friends for PC Gameplay:

Angry Birds has come up with yet another and totally different sequel. Download Angry Birds Friends for PC and enjoy the new challenges in a better view. To play Angry Birds Friends you will need a Facebook account. You will be given 7 levels and a week’s time to complete all these levels. At the end of the week, your score will be compared against your friends’ scores to see who performed better and is the winner with the highest score. New levels are added each week. The gameplay is much like Angry Birds previous games where your goal is to knock out all the pigs in their bases. Angry Birds friends for PC has different controls; click on the catapult and drag to pull and aim. Release and shoot the birds towards the enemy base.

Angry Birds Friends for PC

Angry Birds Friends for PC Key Features:

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS! Six levels every week to test the even experienced bird flingers.

GLOBAL LEAGUE! Millions of players are out to take you on – show ‘em who’s boss.

COMPETE AND WIN! The best players in each tier win Bird Coins, promotion and respect.

SEASONAL THEMES! Play themed tournaments with added seasonal super-wackiness!

FRIENDS TO FRENEMIES! Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends (or enemies).

CLIMB THE LEADERBOARD! Winning comes first, friends a distant second.

DESTRUCTIVE POWER-UPS! Call on the Wingman, shake the earth, and strike fear into the hearts of the pigs and your opponents!

SPECIAL SLINGSHOTS! These slings will up the destruction, improve aim, and they look cool too!

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons if you Download Angry Birds Friends for PC.

Angry Birds Friends for PC Pros:

Download Angry Birds Friends to play the game on a larger screen giving a better view of the enemy bases. The game will not be interrupted by incoming calls or messages and you will not face any game lags.

Angry Birds Friends for PC Cons:

The visuals might not appear the same as on phones and the pixels might appear broken because the game is not originally created for PC. The game sometimes crashes. If a new update arrives, you will have to manually download it as the game will be updated automatically.

Download Angry Birds Friends for PC:

To download Angry Birds Friends for PC, you will need an Android emulator like Bluestacks. If you do not have it already, you can download it from the website Search for Angry Birds Friends using the Bluestacks search tool and click on the install button to automatically download and install the game. Once the game has been installed, go to My Apps in Bluestacks homepage to open Angry Birds Friends.

Required Downloads & Installations

Method 1: Install Angry Birds Friends On PC or MAC Using Google Play Store On Bluestacks

  1. Install Bluestacks on your Windows PC or MAC.
  2. Open Bluestacks now.
  3. Setup Google Play Store using your gmail address. You may use a gmail address if you have an existing one, otherwise you can also create a new gmail address using the on-screen instructions while setting up Google Play Store in Bluestacks.
  4. Now open the PlayStore and search for “Angry Birds Friends“.
  5. Install the game now.
  6. Click on “My Apps” in Bluestacks now. You will find “Angry Birds Friends” in your apps.
  7. Click on Angry Birds Friends now.
  8. The game will open up. Use the keyboard arrow keys + space key to play the game, or simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Method 2: Install Angry Birds Friends On PC or MAC Using Angry Birds Friends APK On Blustacks

  1. Make sure that Bluestacks is installed on your PC.
  2. Download Angry Birds Friends APK from the link attached above.
  3. Now double click the downloaded Angry Birds Friends APK.
  4. The APK will start getting installed via Bluestacks.
  5. Once Bluestacks notifies you about the complete installation of 2020 My Country, open Bluestacks.
  6. Open “My Apps” now and find Angry Birds Friends.
  7. Click the game and follow on-screen instructions to play it.

Method 3: Install Angry Birds Friends On PC or MAC Using Andy OS

  1. Download latest version of ANDY OS on your Windows PC or MAC using the link attached above.
  2. Make sure that you’ve properly installed Andy OS.
  3. If you’re using it for the first time, Andy will ask you for the account setup. Follow on-screen instructions to setup your gmail in Andy.
  4. Once done, unlock the screen in Andy and open apps.
  5. Open Google Play Store and look for “Angry Birds Friends“.
  6. Install the app now. Once done, locate the game in your applications. It should be “Uncategorized” tab.
  7. Open the game now, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.
  8. That’s all.

If any of the above methods is not working, you can install Angry Birds Friends On PC or MAC using Archon

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